minstrel: Interesting 'Medieval Narrative' performance website

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Fri Feb 25 10:03:22 PST 2005

>From the Internet Scout Report:

11. Performing Medieval Narrative Today: A Video Showcase [QuickTime]

Faculty and staff from New York University's French Department and Bobst
Library, with support from an anonymous donor, have created this site to
present video clips of performances of medieval narratives. The intent
of the site is to use performance to improve teaching medieval
literature, since most medieval narratives were originally intended for
performance. Video offerings include a performer singing the opening
lines of the Nibelungenlied accompanying himself on an Irish harp; a
student reciting from memory a passage from Chretien de Troyes,
<u>Perceval</u>, in which the Grail appears and Perceval remains silent;
and an excerpt from a public performance of Beowulf. Search for clips by
selecting criteria, such as language, title, author, or musical
instruments, from drop-down menus, or select "list site contents" to see
all available clips listed. The videos are accompanied by full catalog
records, with background on the performance, plot summaries, and length
of the clip. [DS]

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