minstrel: Request: Help with source document

Stephen Fryer sfryer at prcn.org
Sun Feb 20 14:52:04 PST 2005

I am looking for a photocopy or facsimile of "home Again, Market is 
Done" from the Board Lute Book, folio 11r.  Unfortunately I don't have 
the resources to track down the original publication (Robert spencer, 
1976) in the time I have (needed at the beginning of March).  I do have 
a couple of transcriptions but would like to be able to check their 
accuracy (of which I am somewhat uncertain for a number of reasons).

I was hoping someone here might have more ready access and could provide 
me with a copy.

Stephen Fryer
Lund Computer Services

The more answers I find, the more questions I have

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