minstrel: SCA merchants who carry musical instruments

Holly Linette at epix.net
Fri Feb 4 08:57:02 PST 2005

At 01:12 PM 1/30/2005 -0800, Jehanne wrote:

>--- Cynthia J Ley <cley at juno.com> wrote:
>http://www.silvershellmusic.com/ has a slightly more
>expensive psaltery which looks like the kit from the
>Early Music Shop in the UK. Silvershell is run by
>Mistress Lynette de Gallardon's dad and he sells very
>nicely finished kit-built instruments at a very
>reasonable markup for his work.

Thank you very much for the recommendation!  Just to clarify, my father 
builds (almost all) his instruments from scratch, using plans from various 
sources.  Some plans he uses as-is, some he has modified over the years.

If price is a concern, I know he sells psalteries which are not yet strung 
at a discount.  Stringing the instrument is tedious, but not terribly 
difficult, and the buyer can save some money.

Hope this helps!


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