minstrel: SCA merchants who carry musical instruments

L Joseph wodeford at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 30 13:12:39 PST 2005

--- Cynthia J Ley <cley at juno.com> wrote:
> I am particularly interested in plucked psaltery and
> rebec.

These folks carry a plucked psaltery kit that is quite
affordable, whether you decide to build it yourself or
have them send you a finished one. I've had mine for a
number of years and am quite pleased with it.

http://www.silvershellmusic.com/ has a slightly more
expensive psaltery which looks like the kit from the
Early Music Shop in the UK. Silvershell is run by
Mistress Lynette de Gallardon's dad and he sells very
nicely finished kit-built instruments at a very
reasonable markup for his work.

http://www.e-m-s.com/ in the UK carries all sorts of
early instruments. I have not dealt with them

Jehanne de Wodeford

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