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Cerian Cantwr cerian at minstrel.com
Fri Nov 12 05:24:37 PST 2004


In just over a week (11/20), it'll be time for Bardic Madness South.
This year it takes place in the shire of Baile na Scolairi (Bloomington,
IL - central Illinois).  We've got a full day of bardic activities
planned for you.  There are the usual challenges for you to try your
hand at.  There's also a full schedule of classes (listed below) and a
Mongolian feast.  We've even got a whole bunch of kid's activities
planned, though you'll need to talk to Guinevere for details about
those.  For details about all of this, take a look at

One thing we unfortunately don't have, is a Pale ad. *sigh*  Nothing
to do but say 'oops'.  In the flurry of real life this year, it got
overlooked.  The event is very much happening despite that, so come
on out and have fun.  We hope to see you there.

Cerian Cantwr - Provost, Bardic Madness South

Class session 1 (11 to 12):
    Improv Games                         John Inchingham 	
       Theatrical improvisation - deigned to help you learn to think on
       your feet.
    Bardic Habitat Restoration Project   Cerian Cantwr 	
       Round table discussion about ways to encourage and support the
       bardic arts in your area.
    Acting Shakespeare                   Sofia Tyzes 	
       Ways of performing and acting in Shakespeare plays.
    Sephardic Music                      Eliane Halevy 	
       Discover the music of those descended from the Iberian Jews of the
       time of the Expulsion.  It's catchy, melodic and why does it sound
       so Middle Eastern?  Eliane will tell you why.

Class session 2 (1:30 to 2:30):
    Improv and Commedia                  Sophia the Orange 	
       Use of Improv skills in Commedia dell' Arte.
    Boudhran & Bones                     Alexander de Seaton 	
       Basics on how to play a boudhran or a pair of bones.
    Snorri Sturlusson & Historical       Fólki Rusli Þorgilsson 	
    Writings of the Middle Ages 	
       The writings of Snorri Sturlusson and others.
    Bardic Fieldwork                     Owen Alun 	
       Finding topics to write about in your daily life and activities.

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