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> I am hoping to find some good pre-1600's
> documentable songs as
> well, unfortunately I have been coming up fairly
> empty.  

Sounds to me like the usual problem of not knowing
where to look, because there's a TON of stuff out
there. Just a few to get you started: 
Links on a variety of medieval and Renaissance music
topics, including midi file collections.

http://www.csupomona.edu/~jcclark/emusic/ The Internet
Renaissance Band (midi files)

http://cpdl.snaptel.com/ Public domain site for choral

Silvis’ Woodshed (midi files of choral music listed by

The SCA Music Homepage

The SCA Minstrel Homepage

Keyte, Hugh and Parrott, Andrew, editors. The New
Oxford Book of Carols (New York, Oxford University
Press, 1998) ISBN 0-19-353322-7. At $29.95 in
paperback, one third of this collection of Christmas
carols come from the medieval and Renaissance period.
Performance notes and historical documentation are

McGee, Timothy. Medieval Instrumental Dances.
Forty-seven dance tunes from before 1430 are presented
in modern musical notation along with commentary on
music and dancing in the Middle Ages. No lyrics,
except perhaps "Kalenda Maya," but tunes you might
want to play with. 

Greenberg, Noah and Auden, W.H., editors. An
Elizabethan Song Book. (Garden City, NY, Doubleday
Anchor Books, 1955.)
Elizabethan songs arranged for voice and piano. This
is not currently in print, but it’s not a bad
collection to add to one’s music library if you can
find a copy.

Greenberg, Noah, An English Medieval and Renaissance
Song Book: Part Songs and Sacred Music for One to Six
Voices (New York, Dover, 2001). Back in print!

Goldin, Frederick. Lyrics of the Troubadours and
Trouveres. (Gloucester, MA, Peter Smith, 1983.) No
music here, however, this is an excellent anthology of
troubadour poetry. Not currently in print.

Bogin, Meg. The Women Troubadours. (New York, W.W.
Norton & Company, 1980). More poetry from the
troubadours, this one will be much easier to find than

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