minstrel: Greetings to the list, and my first attempt at a song!

Daði Mánaskröggr Vébrandsson dramey at dragonsbend.net
Mon Aug 2 21:50:05 PDT 2004

Greetings all,

After lurking on this list for a while, my confidence is finally solid
enough to post.   I have been practicing songs on my guitar to sing at SCA
events.  I have been wading through many bardic websites, of individuals
as well as just random link collections.  I have come to the conclusion
that Cantaria (http://www.chivalry.com/cantaria) is the best I have found
to date.   I am hoping to find some good pre-1600's documentable songs as
well, unfortunately I have been coming up fairly empty.  Any help in this
capacity would be appreciated!

Below are the lyrics to my first attempt at writing my own song.  I would
love feed back.  I know it's not as good as hearing it, but I am not good
at reading or writing sheet music.  I hope you all enjoy this and I look
forward to learning from you as I finally begin to compose my own works!

I envisioned this as a drinking song.  I tried to make it so people could
make up their own verses and extend the song.

Seven on the Floor

It’s one for me ale
Two for me grog
And three for me fine wine
Four for me whiskey
And five for me scotch
And six for the true love of mine
It’s seven on the floor
Seven on the floor
Seven on the floor once again
Seven on the floor
Seven on the floor
Seven on the floor best of friends

I went drinking with some bards from Aquaterra
Made us some memories for sure
It was ale wine and song
Oh how we got along
Seven bards all passed out on the floor


I went drinking with a man named Grim Sneaker
Made us some memories for sure
It was death from behind
My god they must be blind
Seven knights all laid out on the field



"Water always seeks it's level,
Feel the tide in you."
- Secret of the Rain, Gaia Consort

-= Daði
AKA: Daniel

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