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Corrie Bergeron corrie at itasca.net
Mon May 24 07:41:52 PDT 2004


The recorder book will give you lots of tunes to plink out on your mando.
I assume that you can find a decent "teach yourself mandolin" book with
the basic fingerings and chords.  Keep in mind that major and minor chords
were not used in much of the music of the SCA period.  Yeah, lots of us
old fogies who grew up with hte 60's Folk Revival play it that way, but
it's not strictly authentic.  You'll want to play mostly melodies.

And that means having limber fingers that go where you tell them to.  An
EXCELLENT book on that score is Jamey Andreas' "Principles of Correct
Practice for Guitar", available from www.guitarprinciples.com

Much of what he says is applicable to mandolin.  It's a book about HOW to
practice, rather than WHAT to practice.  Not cheap at $30, but in 20+
years of teaching guitar, it's the best thing I've run across.

THL Brendan O Corraidhe
corrie at itasca.net

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