minstrel: My first SCA poem...

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Tue Mar 16 21:00:43 PST 2004

And my first minstrel post!
I apologise ... the Old English isn't quite right, but I've only just started learning it.
Ballad of King Arthur and Sir Lancelot.

Gledd of Frea Arthur ond Leof Lancelot.


In the golden cup swirled the blood-red wine,

In se gylden cuppe flowend se blod-read win,

which he clutched unto his chest so near,

ðe he fenged oð his banhus swa neah,

Oh Arthur cries in Camelot,

O, Arthur wop in Camelot,

For he's lost his Guinevere,

For he leosan his Guinevere.


Oh Guinevere, oh Guinevere, 

O Guinevere, o Guinevere,

to heav'n reached up his fervent call,

To heofon ræcaned up his geornful hatan,

It echoed round the lonesome room,

Hit dynianed ymbutan se anstapa rum,

And broke the surrounding pall.

Ond brekan se fæðmian salnes.


“Betrayed!  Betrayed!” King Arthur wept,

“Belæwan! Belæwan!” Frea Arthur wep,

Though he loved them no less,

Þeah he lufud hie ne læssa,

“I am betrayed by my knight,

“Ic sie belæwan be min cempa,

And my lady of Westernesse!"

 Ond min hlæfdige þæs Westernesse!”

  The cry of the king was sad and faint,
Se cyrm of se Frea wæs gnorn ond stille,

"Oh, God!" he wept, "This evil plot!"

“O Metod!” he wep, “ðes yfel sierwan!”

Betrayed by the son he never had,

Belæwan be se sunu he næfre ahte,

Betrayed by Sir Lancelot!

Belæwan be Leof Lancelot!


Thus the Golden City fell to despair,

Þus se Gylden Ceaster afyllan to gyrn,

As war reared up its ugly head,

Þam hild hebbaned hits unfæger heafod,

Then into battle Arthur rode,

Ðon in lindplega Arthur ridan,

Weep England - your king is dead!

Wop Englaland – incer Frea sie dead! 

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