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Cynthia J Ley cley at juno.com
Mon Feb 9 12:39:14 PST 2004

> Unfortunately, I'm just able to carry a tune and that with ending up 
> with a sore throat now, heh, of course I'm 30 now and it was quite a
while since 
> I've done any amount of singing outside a campfire singalong.
> I was wondering, just possibly, if you knew anyone who was giving 
> lessons in, perhaps, singing?  Admittedly I'll need a bit of practice
in reading 
> musical scores again, i'm out of practice with that.  I know, I know,
> whole thing about writing music for me  to put lyrics to.. but I
figured I would 
> have someone play it for me so I could hear it then I could write to
> Ok, before I make a putz of myself I'll end this letter.  But, advice
would be 
> nice.
> In peace,
> Lady Brigid Caomhánach
> Shire of Rokeclif

You might check out local colleges and see what they have available. Some
do offer private voice teachers. You might be able to audit classes in
sight singing and music theory, etc.

As a voice coach and a vocal consort director, it concerns me that you
end up with a sore throat every time you sing. This should not be
happening, and when it does happen usually indicates that you are putting
too much force of air on your vocal chords and not letting the air come
up from the bottom of your lungs to flow through your vocal chords.
Singing should not hurt. If you need to retrain your body as regards
correct breathing, you might consider taking a beginning hatha yoga
class--it's very good exercise (provided you have no physical conditions
which might bar you from it), and excellent for improving your breathing
capacity and breath control, as well as teaching you how to breath

Good luck!

Arlys, in faraway An Tir

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