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Mon Feb 9 11:24:55 PST 2004

When I was younger, there were very few things I really took pride in.  My 
art, my poetry, of course my skills with taking care of animals, but amongst 
them, I truly had alot of pride in my voice.  From the time I was quite young and 
until I graduated high school, I was in choir and sang many solos in plays 
and performances.  Unfortunately, bouts of ick like pnumonia and other illness 
caused severe coughs that has pretty much ruined the range I had.  And I am not 
bragging but being honest when I say that I used to - used to being the main 
word here, ::sigh::  be able to sing from upper bass to lower soprano.  
Unfortunately, I'm just able to carry a tune and that with ending up with a sore 
throat now, heh, of course I'm 30 now and it was quite a while since I've done 
any amount of singing outside a campfire singalong.

I was wondering, just possibly, if you knew anyone who was giving lessons in, 
perhaps, singing?  Admittedly I'll need a bit of practice in reading musical 
scores again, i'm out of practice with that.  I know, I know, the whole thing 
about writing music for me  to put lyrics to.. but I figured I would have 
someone play it for me so I could hear it then I could write to it.  Ok, before I 
make a putz of myself I'll end this letter.  But, advice would be nice.

In peace,

Lady Brigid Caomhánach
Shire of Rokeclif
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