minstrel: A little OT: ISO book

Holly Linette at epix.net
Wed Feb 4 12:52:42 PST 2004

Hello from Linette de Gallardon!

I'm in search of a book called "The Andy M. Stewart Collection," published 
by Amsco Music in 1999.  Andy Stewart was of course part of the group Silly 
Wizard, and this is a collection of his own songs and traditional songs 
he's arranged.  It's out of print now, not being sold anywhere even in the 
usual used places, and a librarian friend only found one copy in a library 
states away which won't lend it out ILL.  Would anyone on this list have 
it, and be willing to either 1) sell it; 2) loan it, or 3) photocopy a 
couple of the songs for me?

Any assistance greatly appreciated. Many thanks!


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