minstrel: Minstrels wanted for Middle Kingdom Fall Coronation

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Tue Jan 27 11:21:04 PST 2004

This lady would like to get in touch with performers in her area
(Mansfield, OH) -- they're bidding for MK Coronation, and would like
to have some music. Sounds like it's good opportunity to introduce

-- Gregory


Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 18:40:49 -0800 (PST)
From: Carissa Spenst <dragonnferret at yahoo.com>
Subject: Minstrel information please


My name is Carissa M. Spenst or in the SCA Lady
Duvessa of Movilla and I'm sending this to ask for
your help.

My shire Marche Three Towers in Mansfield Ohio is
putting together a bid for Fall 2004 Coronation.  The
date would be October 23rd.  The reason that I'm
writing to you is that I was wondering where in the
world I might find someone to play music during feast
at our event.  If we did get coronation I would like
to have REAL SCA musicians play at feast for the new
king and queen.  I have never seen it done at a Middle
Kingdom Coronation and I think it would be awesom.

I don't think that they would be paid necessarily but
they would be considered event staff and would get a
HUGE discount on site like get in free and play for us

If you have ANY ideas of who I might ask to do this,
please let me know.  Again the date that Kingdom wants
to have Coronation is October 23rd.  We do not have
the bid yet but we would LOVE to and I believe that
ANYTHING that would add to the atmosphere would help
us get the bid and this includes minstrels.  More
precicely a group that would play during feast.  
Mansfield Ohio is exactly 70 miles SOUTH of Cleveland
and exactly 70 miles NORTH of Columbus.

Thank you.

Carissa M. Spenst
Lady Duvessa of Movilla
419 589-2338

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