minstrel: Estrella Family Concert, and more...

Robert Seutter truethomas at usa.net
Sun Jan 18 22:02:42 PST 2004

This from the Estrella War scene...
So, the show is happening at the Childrens Pavilion, and we'll be having a
concert. Storytelling, Music, general mayhem. Show starts at 7:30 PM Sunday.
If any of you are interested in performing, please let "True" know, I'll be
running around, and Emceeing the concert. Plan is to start with stuff for the
younger kids, and then let the material get older and so on. FYI, we will have
minimal sound equipment (we are expecting an audience of 50-70 or better)
lighting, etc. I am very interested in speaking with folks who have some tight
kid stuff, humor, etc. If you have fairly high energy stuff for the older
crowd, thats good too!

Also, Saturday, I'll be teaching a class on storytelling, and having a class
on Fyrecrawling 101. Then at 7:30? I'll be leading a Baby Bard Fyrecrawl. For
those of you who are already "battle hardened" fyrecrawlers, it's great if you
can show up, and I'll throw you on for quick pieces, and generally point out
things that you do well to the newbies. For the newbies, I've already vetted
the encampment for positive experience for beginning bards and they know this
is a learning experience for the newbies (they offer positive comments or

Then I take the newby off and give them some suggestions in a gentle way on
things they can do to tweak their performance. We usually do about 3
encampments. Last time, a bunch of pro's showed up and did some very nice
pieces- I was able to point out how they worked the audience, positioning,
voice, etc. It was good strokes all around. So if you want to join, it's fun,
for pro or beginner, and if you know a potential bardlet, this is a good way
for them to get started without being crushed early on. I recommend both the
class and the crawl however.

Also, and this is important- if you are doing the Estrella War, please contact
this lovely Lady, "nametaken at citlink.net" The Childrens Autocrat,
Jeanne Russell aka Lady Jehanne le feu du Christ, and offer her a gig with the
kids. And if you don't do shows for the Kids, why the heck not? a. Kids keep
you honest  b. they are lot of fun  c. they are the future of the SCA.  

Just so's you know, I'm going to be leading a "Fools Parade" on Sunday,
noonish, to the Queens tea, where the kids will act out a story. We can use
all the fools that we can get, so if you happen to be in the neighborhood,
jump in line, be silly, wear a masque, bang a drum, what have you.  It's a ton
of fun. We all need a chance to embrace the fool in our lives!

Hope to see you there- Thomas White Hart aka True Thomas the Storyteller

The right story at the right time and place can change the world!

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