minstrel: Caidan Bardic Circles

ThoronR at aol.com ThoronR at aol.com
Mon Jan 12 08:25:14 PST 2004

Unto all Caidan Bards:

Because the number of revels after tournaments have declined, and the time/space available at those revels that remain has been limited, the Circle of Bards of Caid is going to try encouraging/running bardic circles during the day at tournaments. We are going to try to send out advance notice of these circles via an email/phone list--if you'd like to be on this list, contact me, please. If you know of any Caidan bards that are not on this list, could you pass on this information, please?

Master Thoron Ravenoak, Harskald
on behalf of the Circle of Bards of Caid, Master Charles of Dublin, Penbard

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