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Mon Nov 1 19:54:25 PST 2004

English folklorist Cecil Sharp...married the tune
Black and Gray from the Seventh Edition (1686) of
Playford's Dancing Master with the choreography for A
Trip to Kilburn (Dancing Master, vol II, 1719)

The music for Black and Gray can be found in 
"The Complete Country Dance Tunes from Playford's
Dancing Master", edited by Jeremy Barlow, this was
published in 1985 by Faber Music. Unfortunately this
volume does not include the original music for "A Trip
to Kilburn", if that is in fact the tune for which you
are searching, presumably because it is not properly
part of the Dancing Master Corpus. In his preface
Barlow notes,"In addition, Young published two
seperate collections
of country dances, not included here, called the
Second Volume and Third Volume of the Dancing Master"

If you want, but are unable to locate, the music for
"Black and Gray", please contact me off-list.

Barak Raz
(Emil M Stecher)
(gwrgi at yahoo dot com)

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