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Mon Nov 1 19:54:25 PST 2004

I don't have a title for this tune.  The instructor
(who's the fellow who webbed the "how to build your
own lyre" page) said it came from a British Museum
recording, "Sounds of the Viking Age."

In the tablature, "1" refers to "do" and so on.  I've
got no notation for note duration; sorry!

43245431232 repeat
32343455544212 repeat

The second is, IIRC, a Nordic folk tune.  I have only
the instructor's nickname for it, "Toaster Song."


I have two booklets by Sustato Press.  One is called
"Medieval Tunes"; the other is MIA in the room
somewhere.  They're for ocarinas and tabor pipes and
other instruments with about an octave range.  Nothing
in them is the right time/place for the AS lyre, but
they *are* period and they *will* fit on the strings.

C'est la Fin    Anon 12th cen trovere 

Da Que Deus     Cantigas de Santa Maria (sorry, no
Cantiga number) 13th cen

E, Dame Jolie   Anon 12th cen trovere (Master Efenwalt
has this and a lyric English translation of the words
on his "Minstrel by Trade" CD)

Leu Chansonet e Vil  Giraut de Bornelh 12th cen

Loybere Risen  Wislaw von Rugen ca. 1300

I've also occassionally taken pieces that exceed the
instrument's range and fiddled with them, finding
interesting substitutions for out-of-range notes.

And for the post-revel, you can play a sort of weird
modal version of "There she was, just a walkin' down
the street, singing 'Hey wa do wadada dum diddy dum'" 
(Credit again to Master Efenwalt; I heard it first on
"All That Crap.") 

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