minstrel: Harp Excercises, Free Harp Music

Tibicen tibicen at mixolydian.org
Sun Dec 23 15:22:04 PST 2001

> I would suggest adding some with contrary motion - for example, you 
> could use the treble from your exercise IV but have the bass run
> ||: E D | C E D C | D E C D | C D E D :||
> or something of the sort.

Hmm!  Good idea.  If you don't mind, I'll pop this in as IVa.  Or
maybe, I need a page of exercises about getting hands to move in
various relative ways? (Contrary, parallel,?)

I was working on another batch of exercises, which are a progressive
series concerning rhythmic complexity.  The notes stay the same, but
the rhythm varies.  Like Excerise VI(a,b,c), only much more so.

-- Tibicen

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