minstrel: Harp Excercises, Free Harp Music

yarrowp yarrowp at mscd.edu
Sun Dec 23 14:38:23 PST 2001

Greetings, Tibicen.

Thanks for posting your harp exercises.  I've bookmarked the page for future 
reference - these will fit in well with Ann Heymann's and Alison Kinnaird's 
methods.  I would suggest adding some with contrary motion - for example, you 
could use the treble from your exercise IV but have the bass run

||: E D | C E D C | D E C D | C D E D :||

or something of the sort.


>===== Original Message From Tibicen <tibicen at mixolydian.org> =====
>Hi all!
>(1) As promised, I've (finally) slapped those harp exercises I'd
>mentioned generating up on the web.  You can go there directly:
>  http://www.mixolydian.org/tibicen/music/harp_exercises

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