minstrel: Harp Excercises, Free Harp Music

Tibicen tibicen at mixolydian.org
Sat Dec 22 22:47:51 PST 2001

Hi all!

(1) As promised, I've (finally) slapped those harp exercises I'd
mentioned generating up on the web.  You can go there directly:


(Or navigate from http://www.mixolydian.org/tibicen).

(2) Good Yule!  Please help yourself to copies of "Drive the Cold
Winter Away" arranged for non-pedal harp; there are two arrangements,
simple and challenging:


-- Tibicen
Crass commercial .sig: _A Harpable Danserye_ for sale.  $9+SASE 
Info at http://www.mixolydian.org/tibicen/harpable_danserye.html

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