minstrel: Introduction

Chris Ptasiński ptackoo at elc.pw.edu.pl
Mon Dec 17 01:34:00 PST 2001

hi, allow me to introduce my humble self;

I'm Chris, 25 yeras of age, I've spent the last nine years mostly on sabre
and sword practice ;)). Apart form taking part in events surrounding issues
concerning recreation of medieval and XVII century military equipment,
combat and clothing, I am also a musician. My main areas of interest circle
around the XVII century, however I find the late medieval times interesting,
ald I love the feel of the dark ages ;)))
Me and my gorup reconstruct late medieval and XVII century Poland, although
we have a few members who prefer  western historical fashion.
Our armor and weapons are technological copies of their original, so we
don't use plastic or rattan. These materials are rendered not-historical,
thus forbidden during historical recreation events. So, we wear steel armor
and use steel weapons. Sometimes, minor injuries accour, but let's face it -
If you want a safe hobby try RPG or checkers ;)

ok, I hope we'll be able to trade interesting information without killing
each other (unlike polish - knight - mailing lists).

my music (only tourdion for now) is available in .mp3 format on my website.
(Adress in signature). The site is in polish, but the mp3 dowload section
should be easy enough to find ;))))


Krzysztof zwany "Próżnym" h. Kościesza
nadworny bard
Drużyna Rycerska Zamku Królewskiego w Chęcinach
Chorągiew Pospolitego Ruszenia płk. Dominika Słonia
ptackoo at rpg.pl

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