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Please let us know the results - also, do you know if the dissertation is in


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I received the following email from Pekka Toivanen, who has published
several articles on the Robert ap Huw manuscript in the past. I'll
write them and find out if they accept US credit cards.

-- greg

Just to let you know that I completed my PhD-dissertation on the Robert ap
Huw manuscript two months ago. It was publicly debated (Dr Sally Harper
from the University of wales, Bangor, as the opponent) on the 13th of
October, and was accepted. It is entitled 'The Pencerdd's Toolkit -
Cognitive and Musical Hierarchies in Medieval Welsh Harp Music' and it
includes a joint-CD with 61 minutes of music from the manuscript (both
reconstruction attempts and musical experiments). Its ISBN-number is
951-39-1072-5, and it is published in the series Jyvskyl Studies in the
Arts (no 78) by the Jyvaskyla University Press. It can be obtained from
University Library of Jyavskyla, P.O. Box 35, FIN-40351 Jyvaskyla, Finland
for the price of 180 FIM (30 euros). It can also be ordered by email
<myynti at library.jyu.fi>.
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