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Mon Dec 17 20:44:34 PST 2001

>I got one for ya. I have a friend who is interested in the sca but is
>wanting to know if a regular acustic guitar is period. Told him I would 
>Any and all replies greatly appreciated.
>Chass Brown aka Charinthalis Del Sans

Greetings all from a new member to this list.
  In the West anyway, I have seen more acustic guitars around the fires than 
anything else. And it is debated wither the acustic guitar as we know it was 
around before the tail end of period. However, if your friend prefers a more 
period look there are several suppliers of "Lute guitars" ( 
www.larkinthemorning.com for one ) which looks like a lute, but is strung 
like a guitar.
    Personally, I play a baritone uke (bigger than a standard uke, smaller 
than a guitar). In 1560 there was an instrument called a guitar that looks 
very much like my instrument and there is period sheet music that can be 
played on it with out changing _anything_. The baritone uke is tuned like 
the last 4 strings of a modern guitar which makes it an easy transition. The 
major difference between the period "guitar" and my "barry" I can see is 
that the sound hole should be covered with a "rose" and in period it would 
more commonly have had 8 strings in 4 courses rather than just 4 strings.
    Then there is the famous anecdote of the SCAdian playing a banjo who was 
reported to have said "Yes, it's a banjo, but it's persona is a lute".
   My take on it is play what you are comfortable with, have fun, but 
perhaps try and learn at least a few period works on what ever you play, and 
filk'em if they can't take a joke.

Cain Grendelson, the filkthy bard

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