minstrel: Wire strings?

brichard brichard at pdq.net
Thu Dec 6 12:48:52 PST 2001

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> This must be harp dependent. If I put
> brass on mine it gets all nasty and harsh,

Technically - Bronze and Brass have slightly different densities, which means 
that the string diameters need to change for the same frequencies, or the 
frequencies need to change for the string diameters. Depending on how the harp 
was set up, it may not give good results when switching between one material 
and another. Consult your harp-maker.

> BTW I went to the Melody's website and
> didn't find bronze wire listed. There were
> stringsets for all sorts of harps, but not
> the wire. Is that something they carry but
> don't advertise or what?

Yah, I don't think it's called out as a catalogue item as such, but if you 
call or e-mail, they can go over it with you. I don't remember the pricing 
(last time I bought wire was before Pennsic 29... I bought 20 feet in each 
gauge used in my harp, so I haven't needed to buy any in a long time). But 
they're very friendly folks and are aware of (and friendly to) SCA folks 
(although they aren't SCA folk themselves).



Beth Richard
Houston, TX
brichard at pdq.net

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