minstrel: Wire strings?

Fred (Flieg) Hollander flieg at socrates.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Dec 6 10:42:50 PST 2001

At 11:55 AM 12/6/01 -0600, brichard wrote:
>OK, I'll have to admit, my statement is based on hearing brass strung harps 
>and bronze strung harps, but not brass and bronze on the same make and model.  
>It's also based on something Ann Heymann told me about her experiences... but 
>I didn't ask if that was on the same make and model.
>However, I'm interested in doing the Grand Experiment!  My AF26 is cherry 
>built in October 1998.  I have a friend with a cherry AF26 built about a month 
>earlier.  They're almost completely twin harps.  If I change mine over to 
>brass, we'll have a chance to compare them at teh Wire Harp Conference this 
>February.  Several people have asked for a recording of the two harps playing 
>the same tune by the same person... if I do this.  I'm interested in the 
>results too.

   Woo!  Woo!  Experiment!  Is there likely to be _really_ good recording
equipment at this conference?  If there is, then maybe you could send the
recording to someone to do frequency analysis?  (Not that I distrust the 
subjective analysis; it is critically important to performance. I just want
to see the sound analysis to see if it can be correlated to the subjective
impression.  You can tell that I am a scientist out here in the 21st C.)

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