minstrel: calafian musicians and wire harps

Janet Parish-Whittaker janetpw at compuserve.com
Thu Dec 6 09:51:45 PST 2001

Message text written by "sunshinegirl"
>Actually, I was quoting David, who lives in Calafia - but it is nice to
that there are other groups in Caid involved with early music.   When I
left, there were madrigal groups, but not much else.
> However if you contact the Kingdom Mistress of Arts and Sciences
> (see your kingdom newsletter or email me for further info) you will
> find that there are several groups.  Phoenix Players (instrumental),
> Phoenix Players (vocal), an ensemble in Dreiburgan and lots of
> individuals with a similar scholarly interest in early music.

Hi Melandra- I replied to an earlier post, but think it may have just gone
to a single recipient instead.  Us early music luddites really don't
understand computers!

I do actually live in San Diego (that's Caid, right?).  I was just
surprised that while at Pennsic there were early musicans all over the
place, I had yet to find any around here in the SCA.  Happily, looks like I
just hadn't looked hard enough.

Astridhr, any chance you could forward meeting times/contacts to me for the
local instrumental groups?  Perhaps you could post them, in case there's
any other lurking San Diego area types on this list.  Thanks!

-David Parish-Whittaker
Solana Beach, CA

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