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Thu Dec 6 09:38:56 PST 2001

Message text written by Greg Lindahl

Can you recommend a particular article with a translation of the
technique section?

The facsimile is online at http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/ap_huw/, and
Taylor's "Two Worlds of the Welsh Harp" CD is a fine recording, but if
someone wanted to learn the technique without having to puzzle out the
facsimile, where can they start?

I've got a big list of articles, but...

Gregory Blount

For the clearest translation, I'd go with "Robert ap Huw's Harp Technique"
by William Taylor in Welsh Music History Vol 3 (1999)-  Robert ap Huw
studies, available from University of Wales press.  Bill's techniques
closely match Ann Heymann's conclusions as well (some rhythmic
differences), and Ann hasn't published her stuff.

Lots of good articles in that book besides Bill's.  The article on tuning
by Bob Evans is particularly useful.

Also of interest is Paul Whittaker's (no relation) 1974 paper, the catchily
named "British Museum, Additional MS 14905;  An Interpetation and
Re-Examination of the Music and Text" which you could probably get by
calling the music department at University of Wales, Bangor.  He has some
pretty accurate transcriptions, as well for those of you who don't play
harp and are put off by tablature.

-David Parish-Whittaker
Solana Beach, CA

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