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Thu Dec 6 09:55:39 PST 2001

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>>I'm considering switching over
>>to Brass[...].  Brass has a sweeter
>>and mellower tone, but isn't as
>>strong as bronze... so it breaks
>>more frequently.
>That's interesting, because I've been planning for some time to
>switch from brass strings to bronze because I think the bronze sounds
>sweeter and mellower!  (At one point I had a student who had
>essentially the same model as mine but had bronze strings, so I had a
>lot of opportunity to compare them.)

OK, I'll have to admit, my statement is based on hearing brass strung harps 
and bronze strung harps, but not brass and bronze on the same make and model.  
It's also based on something Ann Heymann told me about her experiences... but 
I didn't ask if that was on the same make and model.

However, I'm interested in doing the Grand Experiment!  My AF26 is cherry 
built in October 1998.  I have a friend with a cherry AF26 built about a month 
earlier.  They're almost completely twin harps.  If I change mine over to 
brass, we'll have a chance to compare them at teh Wire Harp Conference this 
February.  Several people have asked for a recording of the two harps playing 
the same tune by the same person... if I do this.  I'm interested in the 
results too.



Beth Richard
      Houston, TX
      brichard at pdq.net

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