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> My lady,  If you are just come to Caid, Welcome!  There are in fact
> a number of individuals and several groups interested in early
> music here in Caid.  You will possibly need to seek beyond your
> local group however.  Calafia is a large place and as I don't live
> there I can't speak to the presence or not of interest in early music.

Actually, I was quoting David, who lives in Calafia - but it is nice to hear
that there are other groups in Caid involved with early music.   When I
left, there were madrigal groups, but not much else.
> However if you contact the Kingdom Mistress of Arts and Sciences
> (see your kingdom newsletter or email me for further info) you will
> find that there are several groups.  Phoenix Players (instrumental),
> Phoenix Players (vocal), an ensemble in Dreiburgan and lots of
> individuals with a similar scholarly interest in early music.
So, both the players and the vocalists are called Phoenix players?    Are
they playing for dances after feast??  That would be way cool.   The last
time I danced to live musicians in Caid was when Jubilitories were still
playing on a semi-regular basis - that would have been in the early 90's, I
I left Caid in 96, came back for summer of 97, and haven't been back since -
although my son keeps on asking me about trying to make it to Potrero....

> I recommend that you attend the next Collegium Caidis (1st
> weekend of March) where the first two I know will be meeting,
> playing, and networking.

I miss Collegium!!   Unfortunately, Meridies is sooo land large that I
haven't made it to a single RUM since moving here.   (RUM - Royal University
of Meridies)

Well, give my regards to Caid - and if you know Samrah of the Spices and
Master Oso - tell them that I've learned how to felt Mongolian rugs....

Melandra of the woods

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