minstrel: Wire strings?

Heather Rose Jones hrjones at socrates.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Dec 5 15:11:35 PST 2001

>I buy my wires (Phosphor bronze) from Melody's Traditional Music and Harp
>Shoppe (www.folkharp.com).  They have a HUGE book with the string gauge charts
>for literally dozens of harps made all over the world.  They can probably tell
>you what gauges you need for ewach sting if you don't already know, and they
>can sell you the wires as well.
>I'm considering switching over to Brass, which Melody's doesn't carry.  Brass
>has a sweeter and mellower tone, but isn't as strong as bronze... so it breaks
>more frequently.  Robinson sells brass.

That's interesting, because I've been planning for some time to 
switch from brass strings to bronze because I think the bronze sounds 
sweeter and mellower!  (At one point I had a student who had 
essentially the same model as mine but had bronze strings, so I had a 
lot of opportunity to compare them.)

Heather Rose Jones
hrjones at socrates.berkeley.edu

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