minstrel: Wire strings?

Janet Parish-Whittaker janetpw at compuserve.com
Wed Dec 5 14:21:00 PST 2001

Message text written by brichard
>I'm considering switching over to Brass, which Melody's doesn't carry. 
has a sweeter and mellower tone, but isn't as strong as bronze... so it
more frequently.  Robinson sells brass.

I get my brass strings from The Instrument Workshop in Ashland, OR.  Phone
# 541-488-4671 (Jay Witcher recommended them).  Tell them you're buying it
for a harp,  so they won't send you a harpsicord sized spool.

Yeah, brass can be a pain, but I like the tone.  None of those annoying
high partials phosphor bronze has.

-David Parish-Whittaker
Solana Beach, CA

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