minstrel: Wire strings?

Fred (Flieg) Hollander flieg at socrates.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Dec 5 13:56:29 PST 2001

At 03:53 PM 12/5/01 -0600, brichard wrote:
>I'm considering switching over to Brass, which Melody's doesn't carry.  Brass 
>has a sweeter and mellower tone, but isn't as strong as bronze... so it breaks 
>more frequently.  Robinson sells brass.

  Flieg here --
    This must be harp dependent. If I put brass on mine it gets all nasty
and harsh, whereas I find the bronze to be mellow and rich. ("Nasty and harsh"
== "full of high frequency overtones at the expense of the dominant and
lower frequency overtones.")  My harp came with both bronze and brass wire
to cut replacement strings from. I tried one brass string, then took it off
and put the brass wire away for emergencies.

   BTW I went to the Melody's website and didn't find bronze wire listed.
There were stringsets for all sorts of harps, but not the wire. Is that 
something they carry but don't advertise or what?

>Also, The Instrument Workshop (http://www.fortepiano.com) sells all kinds of 
>wire intended for musical instruments.  See their "Strings and Wire page 

   Eureka!! Now I know where I will get my next wires from! Thank you.

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