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MY Argent Fox  harp uses small brass rings at the bottom, to which the
strings are looped beneath the soundboard. I have extra rings, if she wants
to try this, Leceabh.

And, while you are at it, would you please tell the dark-haired
fair-shouldered bell-voiced Swan of Carolingia, the ring-winner, the
soul-wounder, that I have found her a copy of Secret People.

And that I remain forever her good and devoted servant.

Mi/se, le meas,
Tigernach mac Eo/ghain ua A/eda
Middle Kingdom

"Sinne Clanna Gael.  Ta/ friotai/ocht gan mhaith; beidh tu/ le
" We are the Irish.  Resistance is useless.  You will be assimilated."
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> Oh!  Beg pardon.  I thought you meant strung in two courses of strings
> by side.  There are double-strung harps in both wire and nylon; Laurie
> and Ann Heymann have recorded on them.
> I had a harp strung the way you describe, a Magical Strings Oladian. I do
> *not* recommend this stringing method, as it places stress on the
> (my harp burst) as well as making it near impossible to get both strings
> tune.
> I'd suggest switching to ball ends or dowels.  For dowels, you wrap the
> string around the dowels several turns, then fix the end to the string
> a loop - there are instructions in most of the method books.  I think
> Woods has instructions, at least for the ball end style.  I find ball ends
> little easier; again the diagrams in the books will help.  You basically
> make a loop around the ball end, which is shaped rather like a donut with
> raised edges.  Then you wrap the end around the string.  Let me know if
> is as unclear as it sounds; perhaps someone on one of the lists will have
> better description.
> Vivien
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> Mistress Vivien,
> Thank you for your response.
> Caera is not using wooden dowels, nor ball ends, at present.
> The harp-maker, whose name I forget, called the harp "Double-Strung".  (I
> had never seen this before, so please forgive me if I explain something
> about which you already know plenty.)  The harp is strung with one wire
> each two notes, i.e. the low C and D are comprised of the same wire.  One
> end is wound around the C tuning peg, then stretched down to the sound
> board, through the C grommet, up 3/4" to the D grommet, then stretched up
> again to the D peg.  To tune her low C, Caera must tune the D at the same
> time, because loosening one loosens the other.  Is that typical?
> It sounds like the prudent choice would be that Caera switch to dowels, as
> you suggest.  I'll convey your advice.
> How does one affix the wire to the dowel?  Does it hold in place like a
> guitar peg in the back of the soundboard?
> Best,
> ~Leceabh

"Sinne Clanna Gael.  Ta/ friotai/ocht gan mhaith; beidh tu/ le comhshamhlu/!"
" We are the Irish.  Resistance is useless.  You will be assimilated."
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