minstrel: Wire strings?

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Wed Dec 5 13:53:10 PST 2001

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>Greetings, all!
>a)  Does anyone on the list know where to get a hold of wire strings?  I've
>seen some recommend piano wire.  Are there other options?

I buy my wires (Phosphor bronze) from Melody's Traditional Music and Harp 
Shoppe (www.folkharp.com).  They have a HUGE book with the string gauge charts 
for literally dozens of harps made all over the world.  They can probably tell 
you what gauges you need for ewach sting if you don't already know, and they 
can sell you the wires as well.

I'm considering switching over to Brass, which Melody's doesn't carry.  Brass 
has a sweeter and mellower tone, but isn't as strong as bronze... so it breaks 
more frequently.  Robinson sells brass.

Also, The Instrument Workshop (http://www.fortepiano.com) sells all kinds of 
wire intended for musical instruments.  See their "Strings and Wire page 


Beth Richard
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