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Barbara Webb b.h.webb at stir.ac.uk
Wed Dec 5 01:49:29 PST 2001

> > recommendation would be the troubadour music course run by Joel Cohen &
> > Anne Azema in Provence: a week of intensive coaching on the language,
> > singing and accompaniment to troubadour music, in a beautiful French
> > mountain-top village. See http://members.aol.com/Boscam/lestage.htm
> AHHHH!  You've done Lo Gai Saber workshop?  *envy* *envy* *envy*
> What was it like, huh, huh, huh?  Tell us all about it!  I was under

To tell "all about it" would take too long, but it was great. A beautiful
place, huge amounts of information, very dedicated coaching etc. etc. It
is somewhat more aimed at singers, though there are instrumental sessions
with Shira Kammen (vielle player) and they pair up the singers and
instrumentalists to work on a piece for the final concert. They also
provide a small library of books and manuscripts, some work on reading
from manuscripts, and lectures from Pierre Bec who is a major scholar on

> the initial impression it was very expensive to attend, but I have

It is very cheap: the main organiser (George Gaede) gets support funding
from various govt. bodies etc. to keep the cost down. Last year was about
2400 francs (I think that's around than 400 dollars US?) which covered all
tuition, accommodation, breakfast and lunch (that's three course French
restaurant lunch), for 8 days. Obviously getting to Provence in the first
place is easier for some of us...

> recently heard otherwise, so I am thinking again.  I have no French
> (indeed, have no interest in learning Modern French and am trying to
> learn Old Occitan without it, which is quite an adventure); how much
> French must one have to benefit from the workshop?

French helps, but isn't necessary: we managed and I only speak a tiny 
bit and my husband not at all. The lectures tend to be in French but
are translated as they go along (though sometimes they forget when an
interesting point of contention comes up...)

Highly recommended


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