minstrel: Introduction time

Rachel, Sasha and Stormy Blues gypsyfiddler at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 4 23:28:56 PST 2001

Melandra Hi!

I've missed you!  Yes we still play at The Camelot (thanks for the plug and
the compliment!) and I can tell you that even the old Paradise Street Band
Cassettes are now available on CD so feel free to email me privately or to
email Theresa theresa at strangewoods.com about that.  Hey feel free to email
privately anyway I'd love to catch up with you and don't want to bore the
list or anything!


p.s.  I keep forgetting it's on my email but in case anyone is wondering,
Sasha and Stormy Blues aka Blue, are my Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

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> Rachel, welcome!!!!!!   Is Strangewoods still playing at the Camelot
> Do they have any new albums out???    My tapes are about worn through....
> If I ever make it back to Caid, going to hear Strangewoods is one of the
> things on my "to do" list....
> If any of you are in Caid, and if Strangewoods are still playing the
> Inn, in San Marcos (North San Diego county)  They are well worth a trip
> to listen to them.
> And Rachel plays a killer violin....
> Melandra of the Woods

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