minstrel: calafian musicians and wire harps

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Tue Dec 4 20:27:42 PST 2001

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  I've been playing with
> a number of early music groups-  the medieval one is the Goliards
> (www.thegoliards.com), which specializes in medieval improvisation.

give my regards to Geoffrey.   Is he back from Wales? - tell him don't be
such a stranger - surely he has email??
> I've come back, I checked out the local SCA group (Calafia) and frankly,
> haven't met many people who are interested in, let alone play early music

Let's face it - When the Jubilatories were there, they dominated the scene.
When they quit playing, there were very few of us who felt as tho we had the
skill to match that.   And although I did what I could till I left the area,
I was basically self-taught, (besides what I learned from Geoffrey)

But I suspect that if you offered to provide live background music at a
feast, you'd get taken up on it....I know I always was....(sometimes they
would even feed me for free)  And do that often enough, some people are
going to start showing an interest, and before you know it, there is a group
going....but it does take patience...

>  I mean,
> what's a feast without music?

Or a court.   One of the reasons why I provide interlude music at court and
background at feast....


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