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sunshinegirl sunshinegirl at steward-net.com
Tue Dec 4 20:26:31 PST 2001

Rachel, welcome!!!!!!   Is Strangewoods still playing at the Camelot Inn???
Do they have any new albums out???    My tapes are about worn through....
If I ever make it back to Caid, going to hear Strangewoods is one of the top
things on my "to do" list....

If any of you are in Caid, and if Strangewoods are still playing the Camelot
Inn, in San Marcos (North San Diego county)  They are well worth a trip down
to listen to them.

And Rachel plays a killer violin....

Melandra of the Woods

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From: "Rachel, Sasha and Stormy Blues" <gypsyfiddler at earthlink.net>
> My band is very eclectic, the short description is "Celtic" or even
"Irish" but it is ever-so-much-more than that.  If it is all right, and if
you have the time, please investigate our website www.strangewoods.com  and
some of you may be familiar with what is sort of our "sister Band" Golden
Bough (we share family members)....some of you may even have known our band
in its original configuration and name which was The Paradise Street Band.
> I am in the Kingdom of Caid, Barony of Calafia otherwise known as San
Diego, California
> I have an interest in the Bouzouki (spelling) and recently have fallen in
love with a Turkish instrument called the Saz.  actually I rather love all
stringed instruments!
> I also have very very big dogs but that's another story.
> Rachel

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