minstrel: Wire Harpers Unite! We have nothing to lose but our nails!

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Mon Dec 3 12:58:22 PST 2001

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>> Has anyone out there done much with using harp to
>> accompany storytelling?
>If you are not familiar with Robin Williamson

Robin Williamson also published a book of Scottish tunes (complete with a CD) 
called "Legacy of the Scottish Harp".  Good Book, Good CD.  He does Gut, Wire 
and Bray harps all on one CD!

And another well known harper-storyteller is Patrick Ball.  He has several CDs 
out where he's story-telling and self-accompanying.  If you ever get a chance 
to see his one man show on O'Carolan, it's worth going out of your way for!


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      Houston, TX
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