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>Yseulte writes:

>> If people check with the American Harp Society, you
>> might be surprised at how many harpists you have
>> living around you, many of whom teach.

>Now, that's a great idea!  Someone recently asked me where to find a
>folk-harp teacher, and I had no more specific advice than "Check out
>the four local big music schools for starving music-grad-students".
>She wound up finding a pedal harp teacher, and they're learning

Typically, the "American Harp Society" (AHS) concentrates on concert pedal 
harps.  The "International Society of Folk Harpers and Crafters" (ISFHC) 
concentrates on folk harps.  (http://www.folkharpsociety.org)

Does anyone have the URL to connect to "The Harp List"?
There's the Scaharpers list, too... "http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Scaharpers"
And for the Wire Players, there's a Wire Harp List 

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