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Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Sat Dec 1 09:06:48 PST 2001

On Sat, Dec 01, 2001 at 10:55:57AM -0600, Timothy Phillips wrote:

> A 17th century psalm tune, Old 119th, is also available
> at:
> http://www.telepath.com/hrothgar/old_119th_1646.html

It's actually probably older; Sternhold died in 1549, but the
collection of psalms bearing his name carried on for quite a while.
Thomas Ravenscroft redid many of the tunes in another branch of the
collection, but I think this one is a later book in the main branch.

This particular tune is in 10/8 meter, and could be used for ballad
singing. I have a project going to type in all of the tunes from the
first Ravenscroft psalter (1621), later we'll move on to one of the
earlier Sternhold and Hopkins psalters... volunteers would be welcome.

Gregory Blount

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