minstrel: Another Intro :)

M.Schreffler schref at swbell.net
Fri Nov 30 18:37:12 PST 2001

My SCA name is Mot Cather. It's been about 10 years or so since I've
been active in the SCA but a couple of months ago my husband thought it
would be fun to get back into it and we've rejoined. I live in the
Kingdom of Ansteorra in the Barony of Bryn Gwlad (Austin, Texas).

I started out in the SCA in the last 1970's in San Diego, California, as
the bard to the Baron Talanque. I also worked at the Southern Renn Faire
during college.  I have two Irish harps - both built to be played on the
left shoulder with the left hand playing the melody. They were made by
Roland Robinson (pictures at
http://home.swbell.net/schref/harpist.html). When I moved to Texas I was
part of Bryn Gwlad's Baronial Ensemble and I played in an Irish band on
Austin's Sixth Street at Maggie Mae's.  I also played the harp and sang
at the first Scarborough Faire in Waxahachie, Texas.  I play a variety
of instruments (recorder, guitar, mandolin, penny whistle, bowed
psaltery, etc) and love to sing songs of the British Isles. I also enjoy
playing Middle Eastern music and have a nay made out of PVC pipe (I call
it my sewer flute).  I used to carry a blank book in my pouch at Renn
Faires and over the years collected a number of songs from the singers I
met.  "Mot's Songbook" turned out to be a pretty extensive collection
and when the Ensemble made a recording for ourselves it took up four
cassette tapes!

Recently I've taken up the harp again after a long hiatus but decided to
learn to play the right-handed pedal harp. It was a challenge to switch
shoulders and switch hands! For the past year I have played the pedal
harp as a Hospice volunteer. I take the harp to the homes of terminally
ill patients and play for them.  This has been a very rewarding and
meaningful experience for me. I also play for shut-ins in a nursing home
on a weekly basis. If you are just learning an instrument and have no
confidence, try playing at a nursing home! They'll love you and they are
the most uncritical audience you could ever ask for.  It's good practice
and does some good at the same time.

Happy to get together and jam with people in the area!


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