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>Tibicen wrote (in part):
>> Can someone
>> recommend a better beginner's book?

For wire harps, I HIGHLY recommend the books written by Ann Heymann.  "Secrets 
of the Gaelic Harp" is out of print, but much of that info is updated in "A 
Gaelic Harper's First Tunes".  She has an excellent book covering her "Coupled 
Hands" technique as well.  Both of these are still in print and are available 
at places like Sylvia Woods or Melody's Traditional Music and Harp Shoppe.

>Traditional Music. The physical store is located in
>Houston, Texas, but they're old pros at online stuff
>too. In fact, call or email Mary Radspinner and she
>can give you more recommendations. She's a
>professional harpist who spent many years giving

I am lucky enough to live about 3 miles from their store, so I get to go in 
there fairly often.  Great Stuff!

Their web site is "www.folkharp.com".

 Telynor (Beth Richard)
  Gate's Edge, Ansteorra (Houston, TX)
  brichard at pdq.net

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