minstrel: Harp beginner's book

Joan Garner joan_the_harpist1119 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 30 13:26:57 PST 2001

> Tibicen wrote (in part):
> > 
>I have now had a chance to observe a beginning
>harper trying to "Teach Himself to Harp" from Sylvia
>Woods' book.  I am severely not impressed

I had a pretty ok time years ago with the "Teach
Yourself" book, but I was a junior-year college music
major at the time. 

By the way, if there are any budding music groups in
the Solano/Sonoma/Napa County area (No.Calif.) who
could use someone to do simple harping (or complicated
singing), please let me know.  I'm growing
dis-enchanted with the vocal ensemble I'm in now.

Joan Hall
"A piano is just a harp in a coffin."

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