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Samantha M. Pendleton katerinfg2 at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 30 13:00:10 PST 2001

How delightful to see some activity on this list after all this time -- I 
had begun to lose hope!  I'm Katerin, and I play with the Barony of 
Cleftlands in the Midrealm (Cleveland, Ohio, USA).  In addition to assorted 
non-bardic activities, I enjoy learning and retelling various SCA urban 
legends, and when the mood strikes I have been known to compose the odd 
sonnet ("The Wench's Lament" is my work) or filksong (some of you may have 
caught my "Camelot" number this past Pennsic).  Can't play instruments to 
save my life, although I've not yet given up hope of learning recorder when 
I have some free time (sometime next decade . . .), and as a longtime 
amateur actress I hope to get involved in some Shakespeare-at-Pennsic if I 
can ever have a non-commuting War (I keep switching jobs).  I look forward 
to exchanging thoughts with other poets, filkers, actors, and storytellers 
out there, now that this whole list has de-lurked!

Katerin ferch Gwenllian of the House of Three Roses
m.k.a. Samantha M. Pendleton

"Reality is for people who lack imagination."

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