minstrel: calafian musicians and wire harps

Janet Parish-Whittaker janetpw at compuserve.com
Fri Nov 30 12:13:00 PST 2001

Intro time-  My "mundane" name is David Parish-Whittaker, my SCA name is
David Whitaker.  Much easier that way, really.  I've been doing early music
for a number of years, principle instrument for the last few being the wire
harp (I play a Witcher made replica of the Lamont).  I've been playing with
a number of early music groups-  the medieval one is the Goliards
(www.thegoliards.com), which specializes in medieval improvisation.

My SCA involvement has been since Pennsic war this year.  What a kick to
meet others who actually liked, played and could improvise with medieval
music using "period performance practice " (whatever that is :)).  Since
I've come back, I checked out the local SCA group (Calafia) and frankly,
haven't met many people who are interested in, let alone play early music
(ok, one dance band in Orange County-  an hour or so drive is a bit much
for renaisance read-throughs, though).  I've had a blast learning period
rapier technique, but really would love to see more early music.  I mean,
what's a feast without music?

Anyway, if there's anyone out there in Calafia who wants to do some
pre-baroque stuff, feel free to holler at me.  Holiday season is a bit
booked, but traditionally Jan is slow.

-David Parish-Whittaker
Solana Beach, CA

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