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Eloise Beltz-Decker eloise at ripco.com
Fri Nov 30 10:37:59 PST 2001

On Fri, 30 Nov 2001, Heather Rose Jones wrote:
> Since we're doing intros, I've been writing and performing in the SCA 
> for nearly the last quarter century.  I've been mostly coasting on 
> momentum in the last few years since my dissertation doesn't leave 
> much room for other projects, but recently my brothers and I have 
> been making noises about working up some material together, both 
> period material and our own compositions.  It's interesting that so 
> many of the people posting right now seem to be more in the 
> "professional musician" camp.  I have to confess that one of my 
> mantras is: Music is far too important to be left only to 
> professionals. :)

	Well, I only just signed up today, but who am I to miss a line
like that? I'm a hobbyist, though with extensive (if somewhat scattershot)
training, here and there over my lifetime. I'm rather out of practice of
late (I took about a ten year hiatus from doing anything musical at all),
but since discovering the SCA, and filking at SF conventions, I've 
rediscovered just how much I loved to sing, and make music.

	I'm learning guitar, and will shortly get custody of a friend's 
(nylon-strung, moderately low-quality) harp, for purposes of 'storing' 
it. Right. :-> I'm not taking any bets on the subject, but I have this 
sneaking suspicion that after having one to noodle about on for several 
months I'll feel compelled to purchase one of my own (after it goes to 
live in my friend's new apartment, when she moves). I just love the way 
they sound! And I'm becoming a stringed-instrument junkie. I don't know 
nearly enough about them (or not as much as I'd like to, anyhow! When you 
can spot the difference between a bouzouki and a cittern from across the 
room, you're getting kinda scary by most people's standards).

	I collect songs I like to sing, and practice not nearly often 
enough. I throw housefilks (I live in Chicago, check out my website or 
email me for details) the fourth Saturday of every month. I've written a 
couple songs, but they're not particularly SCA-ish, so.

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