minstrel: Intros and other

Liz / Cozit cozit at home.com
Fri Nov 30 10:25:08 PST 2001

I tend to just "listen in"/lurk, unless something comes up that I'm interested in or
can help with... or I'm just stuck with on the bardic and SCA e-lists I'm on... but...

My name's Elisabeth Henley (of Lochmere... in Atlantia) as far as the SCA goes.   I go
by Liz  in "real life"... and what I go by at the MD Ren. Festival is going to change
this year (almost for certain).  Guess that gives us voices from 4 groups in MD,
now... folks from Bright Hills, Storvik and Roxbury Mill having spoken up already

I'm in Lochmere's vocal guild... which, BTW, meets every Wednesday, and the couple of
members that our instrumental guild has (it *wants* to grow, but so many of us have
way too many commitments to join in) are also in the vocal guild, so we won't be
available for the Storvik gatherings (unfortunately).

I used to do some storytelling, and one of these days need to come up with some decent
Renaissance England period stories to use.. but a lack of time and opportunity has
slowed me down.  Right now I have a total of one story I can use at events, and it's
really a kid's story... though I admit to having told it at one Bardic Circle during a
lull with no volunteers.

I play recorder, though out of practice, and used to play guitar and a couple of
keyboard instruments.  I'm a soprano... probably really a 2nd soprano... though I sing
alto for Lochmere, since we're usually short on altos, and there are only a few songs
I can't do all the low notes reliably on.  Likewise the village chior at the MD Ren.
Festival... I'm the only one from the reinactment guild in the faire who's in it,
though I admit to trying to convince at least one other with a nice voice to sing as

Right now, I'm concentrating on learning more about life in general, and needlework
specifically as well... during the 1500s in England.  Starting to add a bit of looking
into the wool trade during that time as well, but haven't gotten far there.  Music is
something I'm interested in, but it's on the "back burner" for the most part,
research-wise, until I have more time to practice what I find.


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