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>My name is Elizabeth and I live in Australia.  I recently bought a celtic 
>harp.  Other then that I really don't know what to say except "hello" :)

Good day, Elizabeth.  My name is Dänae Denby-Spencer and I'm a luthier, a 
member of the Guild of American Luthiers. I've been monitoring this list to 
try to get a handle on what's going on SCA-wise with ancient music and its 
performance, because theat's the primary market for my little hobby.

For those folks having the Lute discussion, there are a number of 
instruments I've been preparing for sale at SCA events and I so may have 
some knowledge of use to you.

To begin with, I'm not a very "guitar-centric" luthier and actually came to 
my craft through psalters, dulcimers, harps, pipes, drums and the like--in 
fact, I rather resent the guitar's over-prominence in Western 
music--there's so much more!  Even so, the guitar is a very popular 
instrument at SCA events but suffers from looking too common and modern.  I 
address this need by the construction of either lute-shaped guitars, 
Citterns, Bouzouki or "English-style" guitars.  My object is to sell a 
quality instrument at a fair price which can be instantly played by a 
guitarist while also fitting the costume needs of the performer.  There's a 
lot more folky strummers out there than classical arpeggio-masters, which 
is what the discipline of the lute demands, anyway.

There is a company in Wisconsin, USA that makes a pretty decent guitar that 
meets this requirement, and a certain amount of my trade comes from placing 
them in the hands of SCA performers.   Their web address is : 

They also have a wonderful "baroque bass" which I should love to build one 
day, were it not so over-priced.  Fortunately they sell their plans.

J. K. Danae Denby-Spencer


"Do not meddle in the affairs of bards, for they are unsubtle, and your 
name scans to
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