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  Time for the lurkers of Calontir to speak up I guess. My name is Black
Corwyn MacCamie, infamous bard of Calontir, deputy to the Dean of our
Bardic Guild, and "Demon of Bardic Hell". I've been a citizen of Calontir
for 12 years, and before that, I was from the East Kingdom, Barony of
Carillion. I'm a operatic trainied vocalist and wordsmith. I'm a Tenor I
with a 5 octave range (to make up the fact a can't play an instrument
worth a darn). I teach voice training, music history, Scottish history,
and of course, Scottish music history.
  I reside in the retirement home of Calontir, the Shire of Carlsby
(mundanely Lawrence, KS). 
  Mundanely, I'm part of the music group Tartan (see our site!
www.geocities.com/tartanmusic ) We just finished a run at the Kansas City
Ren Faire, and we're now finishing up our albumn, and looking forward to
the upcoming year. If anyone is in the area, we're doing a Burns Night
Celebration on Jan.12 here in Lawrence. Come enjoy the music of 3 bands!
Email me for details.

Black Corwyn MacCamie

In nomine Party, et Filidh, et Spiritus Sake.

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